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Hot Dog!

Im taking a break!!

Borne Free Bike! This is as far as i got still some stuff to do But it was a great show my family and friends made it out and the bike went over well.


Tuesday Progress on Borne free bike!!

So I still have no Chrome yet and im making parts still.
This is where i stand Tuesday night!

Abraham after 6:00 still working!

The A team!

My Fiance, out of retirement making the seat.

Even Cris came buy!
I think he's sizing me up!


Working Man's Motorcycle Art Show

We got invited to showcase some of our bikes in this art and moto show here in Austin, TX. 


Pushing Through!

Sometimes things seem out of reach or impossible to do.
Today i put my head down and watch my feet as i put one in front of the other.
Its not where you are going its the journey getting there.
See you soon!