vise grip shirts

our friends over at vise grip (read: me and matt) have a new run of shirts printed up. show some support and pick one up here!



Nick, Brian and I took a day off of work a couple weeks ago and redid the rear of my pan.  18" knuckle rim laced to my star hub, new fender and sissy bar.  I'm diggin' the stance.


I got a new toy and it moves quickly!


slowly but surely

did some more work on the genny this weekend. put on about 100 miles yesterday and its feelin real nice. i put some neat old risers on it shortly after i took these pics, i think they sit nicer without the offset. ill get to snappin soon. heres a few for now...


one for monday...

Texas Weather

With temperatures having reached 100+ degrees in Austin for the past 5 weeks, all I can seem to think about is the 70 degree weather we braved through on our '10 Winter Run. 



My '68 shovel in its first dress.  Good times.

Brian's '66 Chopper

Brian posted some shots of his transfer from a '66 swing arm to a bitchin' '53 wishbone frame.  Here are some more pictures through the process of putting his chopper together. 


awesome old kidney belts.

personally ive never even considered wearing one. even on long trips. but these are cool.

dont forget the little guy.

i love this bike.

a couple things i love about texas....

not all of course, but just a couple...

ladies and gentlemen, ZZ TOP!

fajitas from polvo's.

OG Big Red.

dont worry you can take it with you.

2 words - big boys. dicks. oh wait thats 3 words.

tex-mex breakfast. this one is chilaquiles.

been a minute.

so ive had my hands full lately and not been posting much. in the middle of putting a bike together, plus a full time job and my daughter is about to turn one! i scored a nice early panhead frame from buds here in austin so out with the old, and in with the older.

before. still a nice swingarm shovel.


time for some wishbonin'

where i am at the moment. gonna try to carve out some time this weekend.